Pedestrian Warning Beacons

Pedestrian Warning Beacons

JSF Warning Beacon

Solar & AC Warning Beacons

We offer amber warning beacons for dozens of pedestrian and vehicle safety applications. In addition to school zone speed warning displays, consider flooded roadway, wrong-way, over height, and high-profile stop sign displays.  Our 12 to 24-Hour Flashing Beacons are completely self-contained and autonomous.  The beacons can be mounted on sign posts 2” and up.  The round, amber LED signals have size options of 8″ or 12″ and can be configured in either single and dual signal mounting for pole top, side mount and overhead mounting.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) crosswalk system is ideal for mid-block crosswalks.   Our RRFB crosswalk system units communicate with spread spectrum radio. Installation can be conducted without road closures.  Solar powered unit are available.

MUTCD COMPLIANT CONFIGURATIONS AVAILABLE:  Your beacon system can be retrofitted with an optional MUTCD compliant Strobe. The pattern is just as effective than the RRFB strobe, and is more energy efficient than the standard MUTCD on/off pattern.   Also, the addition of the round beacons provide more positioning flexibility and can be used with existing signage.

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