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WP Signal specializes on guidance, support, and expert day-to-day usage of several brands of ATMS and ATSC central software. Specifically, we can review, audit, and complete best practice and use plans for engineers, staff electrical crews, and outside maintenance contractors to be proactively notified and improve response times of field alarms at signalized intersections. Either with, or without a central ATMS, WP Signal can propose cost-effective and straight forward solutions to implementing automated traffic signal performance measures (ATSPM), no matter how new or vintage of your present traffic controller and detection infrastructure.

Our ATMS, ATSC, and ATSPM maintenance and operations plans are detailed into the following subject areas:

  1. Brand awareness, capabilities, and limitations of your existing central system, compared to mainstream market offerings in the industry.
  2. Automated notification and dispatch of appropriate maintenance crews during regular hours, and after-hours “on call” schedules, for qualified traffic signal emergencies and extended loss-of-power events.
  3. Review of the current layout, field connection ratio, configuration of graphical details, and report generation practices, compared to future needs.
  4. Field communication and telemetry review for initiating or expanding the use of broadband Ethernet communications via copper cable, fiber optics, wireless private radio, or wireless LTE cellular.
  5. Network management and best practices related to priority of field communications, IP-based CCTV video, external Ethernet field devices, and cybersecurity protection.
  6. Review and recommendation of the best strategy and fit for traffic-actuated coordinated signal timing methods. Our staff is well experienced with a variety of FREE, Time-of-Day (TOD), Traffic Responsive Operation (TRO), and Adaptive Signal Control (ASC) strategies for each corridor, based on varying traffic patterns and levels of roadway saturation throughout the day.
  7. Comparison and review of current standard specification material and equipment standards for cabinet assemblies, controllers, detection systems, UPS/BBS, preemption (EVP), pedestrian pushbutton stations (APS), LED signal displays, flashing warning & crosswalk beacons, and wrong-way driver alert systems.
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