Radar & Passive Detection Systems

Vehicle & Incident Detection

Microwave-based radar technologies offer a reliable, maintenance-free alternative to inductive loops. Radar detection costs a fraction of video detection technology, and has specialized products to fit the needs of count stations, advance vehicle detection, stop bar presence detection, and passive pedestrian detection.




Key Features
• Only 2 Sensors Needed for Most Intersections
• Simple to Set Up & Use
• 900ft of Detection Approach Area
• Departure, Pedestrian, Bike Detection

The Econolite EVO RADAR sensor detection product is the latest radar on the market. EVO RADAR uses forward-fire FMCW MIMO radar design and technology to achieve superior traffic detection accuracy and reliability across a variety of detection objectives including stop bar, advance, departure, bicycle, and pedestrian detection. The system uses wide angle, long range, radar sensors, which allow full intersection coverage from stop bar to advanced detection, using just two sensors for most intersection configurations. The 110-degree field-of-view designed to cover two approaches with a single sensor.

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