Accessible Pedestrian Systems (APS)

Pedestrian & Public Safety


WP Signal proudly distributes Campbell Company Accessible Pedestrian Signals and detectors, as APS has become one of the most important and visual tools that a public agency can provide for the visually-impaired community. If you want to replace a traditional ADA button with APS at an existing intersection, or are planning a new intersection unveiling, we have a solution for you.

The APS pedestrian push buttons offer a number of solutions based on your needs. You have your choice of two independent solutions which do not require having any device installed within the traffic cabinet to allow a simple and easy install. In addition to the independent stations, you also have the option for a network based distributed control solution. With access and innovation in mind, this system allows a wireless data transfer via secured network and utilizes field wires for power.

Contact WP Signal to install your system today to maintain compliance with the MUTCD standards, policies and guidelines that have been in effect since January 2009.

Guardian APS

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